Classic Menu

Authentic Mexican


From The Bar

  • Púlpito Cocido

    Charbroiled or fried garnished with Luisa famous fried onions and Palapas Secret Salsa
  • Campechana

    Mix of everything from the cold bar served in a bowl
  • Camaron-Pulpo-Ostion Maleficio

  • Camaron y Pulpo Cockteles

  • Camaron Cockteles

  • Tostada

    $7 or mix 10
    Pescado, Pulpo or Camaron
  • Camarones Cucaracha

    Jumbo White Pacific Shrimp butterfly marinated on our special black salsa toasted on the griddle.
  • Mariscoco

    Seafood cocktail served in a young coconut shell, coconut meat and water. Your choice of octopus, shrimp, scallops or mixed add $2.
  • Ceviche Dorado

    Mahi Mahi slightly cooked in lime juice
  • Ceviche Mazatlan

    White Pacific shrimp cooked in fresh lime joule, topped with avocado
  • Plato Marinero

    A combination of boiled shrimp and octopus w/scallop, camarones en agua chile and two Oysters.
  • Camaron en Agua Chile

    Our Famous White Pacific Shrimp, butterfly cut and slightly cooked in spicy lime juice and our house piquin sauce or green serrano sauce.
  • Callos de Acha Playero

    Jumbo raw scallops sliced red onion, cucumber and fresh squeezed key lime.
  • Pulpito Cocido

    Cooked and seasoned baby Octopus.
  • Camarones Cocidos

    Boiled "Peel-N-Eat" Jumbo Pacific Shrimp
  • Ostiones en su Concha

    $½ dz 18 1 dz 25
    Hand Shucked Blue Point Oysters

Let's get



  • Fried Calamari

    Breaded calamari fried to perfection served with a homemade Serrano tartar and classic marinara.
  • Guacamole

    Fresh mashed avocado with onion, tomato, fresh lime, cilantro and sea salt.
  • Queso

    Palapas chip dip.
  • Nachos

    Choice of brisket, fajita beef, chicken, shrimp with pinto beans.
  • Trio Caribe

    3 caribe peppers bacon wrapped and stuffed with shrimp and panela cheese.
  • Chicharrones de Marlin

    Blue Marlin small chunk deep fried serve on a bed of guacamole and side of black salsa.


  • Luisa’s Ensalada

    Fresh romaine lettuce, tomato, avocado, jicama, cucumber, pumpkin seeds, with homemade guajillo vinagrette dressing and panela cheese. Add Shrimp $8, Salmon $8, Add Chicken $7, Add Meat $10.
  • Add Shrimp

  • Add Salmon

  • Add Chicken

  • Add Meat



  • 7 Mares

    A rich seafood broth served with tender shrimp, baby octopus, fish, calamari, oysters, scallops, crab and vegetables
  • Sopa de Camarón

  • Sopa de Pescado

  • Leche de Tigre

    Shrimp broth with chopped shrimp and fresh squeezed lime.

Specialities of the



  • Shrimp

  • Calamari

  • Salmon

  • Tilapia

  • Mahi Mahi – Fillet “Fresh”

  • Red Snapper – Fillet “Fresh”

  • Red Snapper – Whole “Fresh”

  • Pulpito

  • Jumbo Scallops

  • Pescado Zarandeado

    $35 or 50 for 2
    Grilled whole "Fresh Red Snapper" Add extra side setup $10
  • Al Mojo de Ajo

    Fresh made garlic sauce
  • Empanizado

    Breaded and fried
  • A la Diabla

    Four chiles red sauce
  • A la Veracruzana

    Authentic Veracruz style bell peppers, olives and tomato sauce
  • Al Vapor

    Steam cooked with vegetables and shrimp
  • Al la Mexicana

    Tomato serrano, cilantro and onion

Sides - choice of two: rice, veggies, charro beans, salad or fries

Sandwiches & Enchiladas

  • Sandwich de Pollo

    Grilled chicken breast, roasted poblano, Grilled Panela cheese, avocado, lettuce, tomato and fries
  • Angus Burger

    1/2 pound angus beef patty with lettuce, tomato. Grilled Panela cheese, avocaado and fries.
  • Torta de Pescado

    Breaded and Fried or grilled seafood, Monterrey jack cheese tomato, avocado, Mexican coleslaw Your choice of fish, Shrimp or Oyster add $4
  • Cheese Enchiladas Rojas o Verdes

  • Enchiladas Rojas o Verdes

    Chicken, Red house guajillo salsa or green tomatillo salsa served with rice and beans.
  • Enchiladas Marineras

    Sautéed crab meat served in soft corn tortillas, panela cheese, and fresh spinach topped with red sauce.

  • Rice, Charros Beans, Fries, Avocado slices, Veggies

  • Chips and Salsa (after first serving)

  • Tortillas and Pan


House Specialities

  • Parrillada Marisquera

    Grilled Camarones, pulpo, Maui, Scallops garnished with grilled onions and peppers and accompanied with our famous Trio Caribe
  • Carne Y Camaron

    3 Grilled jumbo shrimp, 10oz Rib eye steak seasoned and grilled to your liking served with guacamole, charro beans, vegetables.
  • Pollo Callejero

    Grilled chicken breast, sautéed poblano peppers, grilled onions and mushrooms, served with rice and charro beans.
  • Parrillada

    $30 for 1 or $50 for 2
    Grilled shrimp and a cut of carne asada, sausage, grilled chicken and panela cheese, served with guacamole, grilled cactus, charro beans soup, red rice and grilled onions. Add extra side setup $10
  • Carne Asada

    Grilled outside skirt steak, rice, charro beans, a famous Mexican enchilada and guacamole.
  • Tacos Carne Asada

    Fresh marinada skirt steak tacos on hand made tortillas with rice, beans, topped with pico de gallo and guacamole.
  • Tacos Mahi Mahi

    Fresh grill Mahi Mahi with MX coleslaw, chipotle sauce and avocado, served with rice
  • Tacos Zarandeado

    Grilled Red Snapper fillet tacos Zarandeado style on hand made tortilla topped with avocado served with rice.
  • Tacos de Brisket

    Brisket tacos on handmade tortillas, topped with coleslaw, avocado served with rice and beans.
  • Tacos de Camaron a la parrila

    Soft handmade corn tortilla. Grilled shrimp, avocado, Mexican coleslaw and chipotle sauce, served with rice.
  • Tacos Gobernador

    Corn tortilla, quesadilla stuffed with grilled Maui avocado, served with rice and Mexican coleslaw, toasted on the griddle. Mix shrimp and fish add $4
  • Tacos Chilacas

    Chilaca pepper stued with panela cheese and camaron wrapped with bacon, deep fried, topped with pico de gallo and avocado, served with rice.

Specialties of the House


  • Piña Colada

    Young Coconut meat pineapple and Cruzan Coconut rum served in a coconut shell
  • Sirenita – House Frozen & Rocks

    House tradicional frozen and rocks young Coconut meat pineapple and
  • Picosita

    Hornitos Cristalino Tequila , muddled strawberry & serrano, fresh lime juice, and cointreau.
  • Cocorita

    Made with fresh young coconut water and 1800 Tequila
  • Guacapiña

    Organic Azuñia tequila reposado smooched avocado and pineapple with a hint of lime and agave nectar
  • La Serranita

    Fresh muddled Serrano pepper lime squeezed made with 100 años tequila and O3 Orange liquor.
  • Mangonada

    Mango frozen Margarita swirled with chamoy, lime juice and chili powder
  • La Mera Mera

    Dallas famous skinny margarita top-shelf , Tres Generaciones Reposado Tequila, fresh lime juice, and Cointreau.
  • Beam Aplastado

    Made with Jim Beam Double Oak , peach schnapps and lemon juice.
  • La Paloma

    Hornitos Cristalino Tequila, fresh squeezed lime juice grapefruit soda & a splash Topochico
  • El Pescador

    Frozen Margarita Made with Sauza Blue Tequila swirled with home made Sangria.
  • La chata

    Rumchata with Jim Beam Fire and Kahlua
  • El Mero Mero

    Gracias a Dios Mezcal, cucumber, Muddled serrano, agave nectar fresh squeezed lime and Cointreau.
  • Maritini Arogante

    Classic skinny margarita, Organic Azuñia tequila blanco Agavero Liquor, and agave nectar.
  • D’Oro Margarita

    Organic Azuñia reposado, agave nectar , fresh squeezed lime juice, fresh squeezed orange juice.
  • Piñata

    Made with Pinnacle vodka , guava juice and splash of Pineapple juice.
  • Agua-Lumbre Martini

    Een Vodka with a splash of soda, lime and our house chili powder mix